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Why Online Dating Sites Relies On Free Porn Tubes


If you are in the process of developing a dating site or have already built one, your first priority now should be to fashion the monetization strategy! You have to know how you will recover your investment with your web dating services.

There are a lot of ways one can earn money while operating an online dating site. You just need to match the strategy that suits your business model.

The most popular revenue models that web dating sites employ are:

● Paid memberships,

● Free for members,

● Affiliate and advertising networks,

● Digital gifting,

● Additional features and premium content,

● VIP memberships, and

● Extending the dating services by staging live events.

Though applying monetization models are crucial to the success of the dating site, it is the number of conversions that actually count towards your success!


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The Oldest Monetization Trick

Using affiliate networks is one of the most conventional methods of the monetary strategy used by several dating sites.

This method is preferred because it helps both the sites in generating shared traffic!

Also, they can earn through either CPA or the CPC model. CPA refers to Cost Per Action and CPC means Cost Per Click.

You can increase your chances of success by creating affiliations with sites relevant to your niche and in-turn advertising yourself on their website!

One example of such ingenious coupling could be with free porn tubes such as Smut6!



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The Adult Way of Making Money

No matter how much taboo is attached to the word porn, it is widely available through the internet on all of our devices!

The porn industry is raking in a yearly turnover of $100 billion the world over.

With over 25 million adult sites operating globally, 12% of the revenue comes from the sites directly, and more than 30% is attributed to the web traffic.

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Isn’t Porn Content Free?

Though free porn is available widely, it accounts for only a small percentage of the world of adult entertainment!

It is the ‘Premium Content’ that brings in the on-site profits. This feature gets the subscriber:

● HD quality videos

● No pop-up and ads

● Unlimited downloads

● Streaming of live cam

● Full-length videos

● Access to their favourite artist’s full library

After becoming a paid member, they can even get content delivered to their address or


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More for the Subscriber




Subscriptions create cross sale opportunities!

The parent enterprise may offer content that may not be available in the market for months, accessories like clothes or toys, dating services, and likes.

These services are offered in a ‘package’ form to the member. You can subscribe for a daily, monthly, or yearly membership.

Your daily cost could range between $1-$5. But it is dependent on the content you are subscribed to, the site you are a member of, and how much time you are spending on it!

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More Earning for the Porn Site

As mentioned earlier, subscribers bring in about 12% of the revenue to the site.

More profits come from third party sites like online dating services, adult stores selling sex toys, clothing, and accessories, cartoon porn, performance enhancement meds, adult gaming sites, etc.

These sites traffic is heavily dependent on mainstream adult sites.

They pay a proportion of their revenue to the adult site that got traffic to their site and receives a percentage of these sites as well for rendering similar services!


It is a mutually beneficial and advantageous relationship between an online dating and free porn tube sites!

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